Alan Fox Consulting
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Municipalities Serviced:


Tempe, AZ


Santa Clara, CA

San Joaquin and Nevada Counties, CA

Berkeley, CA

Denver, CO

Stamford, CT

Washington DC-MD-VA
metro area

All non-metro areas in Delaware

Volusia, MIAMI DADE and Orange Counties, FL

Tampa, FL


Chicago, IL

Springfield, IL

Bloomington, IN

Cowley County, KS
(10-county area)

New Orleans and other cities/towns
IN Southern Louisiana

Baltimore metro area, MD

Detroit Metro Area, MD

St Louis, MO

Newark, NJ

New York, NY

Jefferson County/
Steubenville, OH


Columbus, OH

Allentown, PA

Memphis, TN

Corpus Christi, TX

Accomack-Northampton, VA

James City-County, VA

Virginia Beach, VA

Seattle and Island County, WA

Allowances for 32 areas throughout US (for HUD)



Subcontractor For:


Quadel Consulting Corporation, Washington, DC

SEMAP deconcentration, GIS, utility allowances and other technical assistance for their contracts in Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, Memphis, Kankakee and Stamford.

Joseph Riley Associates, Harrisonburg, VA

Analysis of HUD utility model—comparison between revised HUD utility estimation model and old HUD-PIH model and Census/AHS utility data, using utility allowances for 31 areas. Recent analysis of Residential Energy Conservation Survey. (For HUD’s Office of Policy Development & Research)

Econometrica, Inc, Bethesda, MD

Various projects for the Office of Public & Indian Housing, HUD.

Urban Institute, Washington, DC

Analysis of Chicago rent survey.

Institute for Survey Research, Temple University, Washington, DC

Survey guide for Environmental Protection Agency.

References available upon request.