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Alan Fox Consulting

My background

As a senior-level economist in HUD’s Office of Policy Development & Research, I had a major role in determining Fair Market Rents. I supervised surveys to verify the accuracy of FMRs, designed simple but scientifically valid surveys to be conducted by non-specialists, studied various aspects of survey biases and created several data management systems.

Since retiring from HUD, I have revised Section 8 utility allowances for about three dozen PHAs—large and small, urban and rural—helped update HUD’s utility allowance methodology, analyzed housing and demographic patterns in several large metropolitan areas and analyzed PHA administrative fees.

A downloadable PDF detailing my methodology, background, references and company information is available here.


Areas of practice

Section 8 utility allowances

The amount paid to landlords or tenants to cover the average cost of utilities. I offer an integrated Excel package that automatically produces utility allowance form HUD-52667, using current utility company prices. It can easily and accurately be updated by non-technical PHA staff or if you prefer, by me for a modest annual fee. SEMAP requires they be updated annually.

Click here for a closer look at the process.

semap deconcentration

Under SEMAP, HUD judges a PHA’s performance partly by the extent to which its Section 8 voucher families live outside racially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. This involves comparing voucher families at two points in time and determining how many of them move out of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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